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Frequently Asked Questions of Personal Trainer Frank Moran

Personal Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

How can a personal trainer help me?

With a personal trainer you have one-on-one personal access to knowledge and expertise to lead you in the direction you need to go for health and fitness. Iíll work with you and together weíll put together a program that will get the results you are looking for.

What equipment do I need?

You really donít need a lot of equipment in order to get quality workouts. For in-home personal training, I would recommend a pair of basic dumbbells and a flat or adjustable bench. Iíll work with you and recommend equipment that meets your goals and is within your budget.

How often should I workout?

It is recommended that you exercise (workout) a minimum of three timer per week.

Will you travel to my home?

Yes, If you live within a reasonable distance (typically within Orange County but Los Angeles as well), I will travel to your home.

Will I lose weight once I begin working out?

Everyoneís goals are different. If your goal is to lose weight, Iíll put together a plan for you to follow. If you stick with the plan, you generally will start to see results within one month.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Stretching prevents and reduces injury. I believe there are many benefits to stretching. Stretching is an important part of my fitness training philosophy.

Do you offer fitness phone consultations?

Yes, I do offer consultations over the phone. This is ideal for those on a tight schedule and need regular fitness guidance and inspiration.

Do I need a doctorís checkup before starting my exercise program?

It is recommended that you receive a checkup with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

What is the process to hire you as my trainer?

It is very simple. First you can contact me by completing the contact form. I will get back in touch with you to setup a time when we can talk on the phone or in person. During this discussion Iíll ask you questions about your fitness and health goals, and explain to you the process. Weíll then schedule a workout assessment and begin the custom fitness program.

Frank Moran, Personal Trainer
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