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Fitness Phone Consultations

One-On-One Phone Fitness Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little coaching. Frank Moran offers his expert guidance through one-on-one phone consultations. Fitness coaching sessions on the phone last between a half hour to one hour and are productive, inspiring and help you get and stay on track.

A phone coaching session might include:

  • Review of your current fitness activities
  • Provide exercise 'homework'
  • Outline your goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Feedback
  • Questions and Answers

Fitness Phone Consultation Rates

$75 per session

There is an introductory meeting in person if you live in the Southern California area. Otherwise, the  meeting can be over the phone (approximately 15 minutes). The purpose of this meeting is assessment and discussion of your overall goals.

Benefits of Fitness Phone Consultations

Conversing over the phone is very convenient and effective. Some of the benefits include:

  • Keeps you motivated as you develop a synergy between you and your trainer
  • Flexible scheduling (if in-home personal training is not possible)
  • Immediate answers to your questions
  • Stay focused even when traveling
  • Convenient
  • Excel through personal attention and guidance
  • You receive direct and full attention
  • There is concentrated commitment
  • You become educated

Contact Frank Moran Today

Complete the contact form and provide Frank with a phone number or an email address and he will contact you to discuss your fitness goals and schedule a phone consultation introductory discussion. Let Frank be your remote personal trainer and help you get fit today!

The gift of health is tied to life and the package includes strength, flexibility and endurance.

Frank Moran, Personal Trainer
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