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Quality Parrillo Performance Products
Personal Trainer,
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Parrillo Products

Supplements by Parrillo Performance

About Parrillo Performance Products

Frank Moran has been using Parrillo Performance products for over fifteen years. He believes in the products and has seen the results with all his clients. Parrillo Performance has helped the Body Building industry bulk up and trim body fat for two decades. But you don't have to be a Body Builder to enjoy the benefits of these high quality products.

Parrillo Performance offers only the highest quality ingredients available from top manufacturers. They have their own state of the art manufacturing plant located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Quality supplements from Parrillo Performance Products - product pictures

Here are some suggested products:

  • 50/50 Plus - nutritional supplement powder
  • Hi Protein - protein supplement powder
  • Pro Carb - carbohydrate supplement powder
  • Advanced Lipotropic Formula - vitamins
  • Max Endurance Formula - vitamins
  • Mineral Electrolyte Formula - vitamins
  • Parrillo Energy BarsBill Campbell, a client of Frank Moran, is on the cover of Performance Press

Frank Moran knows John Parrillo personally. John Parrillo is passionate in expressing his commitment to educating people. "Top athletes know that for the best information, products, and service, there's no one that compares to Parrillo Performance. We don't just sell supplements. That's easy, anyone can do that. We teach you why your nutrition is important and how to increase the nutrients you feed your body each day. We stress how to perform exercises correctly to get the most out of your workouts. We tell you why aerobics should go hand-in-hand with weight training to give you a healthy, full physique. We give you detailed instruction on fascia stretching, so you can increase your flexibility and muscle size. And we teach you how to chart your body composition, so you know when you're gaining lean mass and losing body fat."

Visit the Parrillo Performance web site (www.parrillo.com) and learn more.

Frank Moran, Personal Trainer
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