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Picture of personal trainer Frank Moran with actor Rutger Hauer
Personal Trainer
Frank Moran with
Actor Rutger Hauer


Frank Moran has provided his expert fitness guidance to many clients over the years. He has had the opportunity to be the personal trainer for many celebrities such as Armand Assante, Billy Campbell, Red Buttons, William Daniels, Rebecca De Mornay, Sharon Gless, Timothy Hutton, Rutger Hauer, Val Kilmer, John Savage, Sharon Stone, Paula Wagner, Tom Waits, Paul Williams, and Neil Young.

Having moved to Huntington Beach several years ago, today most of Frank's clients are in Orange County, California.

Picture of actor Billy Campbell with personal trainer Frank Moran
Actor Billy Campbell weight training with personal trainer Frank Moran

"I've trained under Frank Moranís expert direction for over nine years. Early on I decided that if I intended to work as an actor I needed a serious approach to fitness. Training became a regular part of my life. Frank has helped me prepare for many acting roles and he always delivers. I highly recommend Frank as a personal trainer. He'll change your life."

Billy Campbell


"Frank has helped me focus on getting fit. Over the years, the extra pounds have added up. Through slight changes in my diet, and steady workouts under the guidance of Frank, I've lost over 12 pounds in three months. I feel strong and healthy thanks to Frank."



"I hired Frank as a personal trainer after seeing his results in my sister. I used to workout 3 to 5 times a week for 1-2 hours - still not getting the definition and tone I wanted. After just 3 months with Frank, I saw my abs coming through. 6 months later my legs, abs, arms, and back are toned. Most remarkably is how "fit" I feel. My strength and endurance increased beyond my expectations. Frank taught me how to better utilize my time and equipment to get the most results. With Frank it is quality of the workout that has elevated my fitness level to one which I'm physically and mentally proud of. Thanks Frank."



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Frank Moran, Personal Trainer
Personal training and fitness programs for clients in Orange County, California including
Huntington Beach, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and as far south as Coto de Caza

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